Innovations in Global Health Professions Education

Academic Digital Publication

Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar came to SI to find a digital solution that would enable them to independently publish their journal Innovations in Global Health Profession Education

In Phase 1 (2015), SI designed and developed a new open-access digital publishing platform. We used a mixture of  journal management tools and custom code to meet the client’s immediate need to fast-track the publication of past and new journal articles. In addition to designing and building the website itself, we refreshed the logo and branding, re-designed the digital and print article layout, added social media integration, served as the digital producer during the publication process, and trained editorial staff on the new tools and system.  

In Phase 2 (2016), SI worked with the client to define expanded website goals. Based on those goals, we re-designed for mobile, and added a flexible modular content design, a new CMS, increased multi-media content, a responsive design, and other capabilities. SI provided CMS training to ensure client was comfortable and equipped to manage ongoing content management.

The result: The open-access journal is now published on its own digital publishing platform with new capacity to continue fostering global health education and practice information exchange. 

Project Details

Weill Cornell Medical – Qatar
Launch: Initial Launch January 2016 / Redesign Launch February 2017
Skills: Branding, Web Design, Article Design, Project Management, OJS Development, Wordpress Development

Redefining the Online Journal

The client did not want just a digital edition of their previously static, mostly text filled online journal. A challenge was to figure out how to organize a lot of content in a thoughtful and easily accessible manner. To do this, we turned to blog-style media sites for layout inspiration.  We seamlessly integrated an open-access journal management system with multi-media to create publishing platform that ensures the featured content be the spotlight. The new site organizes, structures and presents digital media in a way that is intuitive, efficient, and welcoming for users. The current design strikes a elegant balance between streamlined and vibrant. It has been developed to engage users to explore the rich educational content and stimulate community discussion and participation.

Flexible Modular Content

The platform was designed to accommodate many publishing formats including journal articles adhering to academic schema, videos, podcasts, editorials, case studies and more. Special attention was given to how all the various content formats can be managed effectively by the IGHPE digital editorial team and how it may appeal to users. The site is powered by a CMS for easy content updates.

Meeting Events Goals

The client holds global and regional workshops and conferences and needed event content management and sharing capabilities.  Out-of-the box events solutions did not have the seamless integration with the platform that was required for showcasing upcoming and past event content. Therefore,  we built out a new events section that utilized a modular layout and functionality designed to keep the user engaged on the platform and IGHPE in control of the content. Organizers now have the flexibility to easily update and reorganize multi-media content before, during and post-eventDelegates can go from events to the other parts of the IGHPE platform without leaving the site. 

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