Back Bay Farm

Horse Jumping

Project Description

Back Bay Farm came to Strategy Implemented with new business goals they developed for 2017. They wanted to bring in more of a certain kind of customer, and they also wanted to have a bigger web presence to give a sense of what the farm is like. After discussing these goals and budget, SI took on BBF’s web content strategy, as well as their social media presence. Strategy Implemented did not develop or design the¬†website but were able to work in their current CMS, while enhancing SEO and content. SI also introduced Back Bay Farm to SEM and Social Marketing, which has had a large impact on the number of new customers approaching BBF. The increased social presence has also brought a larger attendance to BBF’s horse shows and events.

Client Details

Back Bay Farm
Ongoing since February 2017
Skills: web copy, web content, SEO, blogging, social media

Useful Content

One of the most popular new pages of Back Bay Farm’s site is the Horse Show Calendar. With each listed show, we added helpful information for clients, including links to the showgrounds, prize lists, and recommended hotels. Once the shows have ended, we update the content with results, congratulating the team on their efforts. It’s a wonderful example of how web content can bring better tools, information, and a feeling of camaraderie to a business.

Social Media

Back Bay Farm had a good following on Facebook already, but needed to expand its audience to include the riders and not just their parents. We put together a strategy, started an instagram account, and focus our content on the business goals. We also take full advantage of paid marketing opportunities for strategic events at the farm. Horse shows, parties, clinics, or any event open to the public receives it’s own mini strategy to bring in as many people as possible.

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