Vallee Voices: An Oral History and Timeline

Scientific Foundation

The Vallee Foundation started an oral history and timeline project to build connections between past, present and future scientists in its global community of scientists. The Foundation contacted SI to find an engaging, but cost-effective way to showcase and share audio/visual memories of its founders and orgins.

SI created a website to publish the oral histories using a flexible WordPress theme selected by the client, and adhered style elements to the Foundation’s branding.  We supported the planning of the multi-media content, integrated digital slideshows, podcasts and videos throughout the site. We also added a bit of code to creatively customize a calendar module into an illustrative timeline. SI worked with the Foundation to produce content in the appropriate publishing format.

The result is an engaging website that showcases the rich history of the Foundation and its founders, with built-in capacity to accommodate future audio/visual materials produced by and for its growing community.

Project Details

The Vallee Foundation
April 2016
Skills: Web Design, Web Development, Content Strategy, Video Creation

Oral History Digitalized

The Foundation wanted a more interactive and intimate way to commemorate its rich history. We introduced the client to relevant digital technologies and techniques to produce digital media best suitable for achieve its goals. Rather than just listing interview recordings on a page (or two) as many oral history websites do, the Foundation’s new website employed features like filters and mixture of multi-media to create a digital space that visitors would spend time to explore.

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